Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Small Buddy.

Around sixteen sixteen hours on time,
We chill at the sides doing no crime.
A group of toddlers cameby for play,
We won't mind to give them way.
All were similar in shirts,
But this single boy acts with no rehearse.
I thought he came from a cave?
Cause he's the one making the first wave. (:
I replied instantly,
Making him smile immediately. haha.
Finding some spot on the play venue,
He suddenly took the slide as i knew.
Before he goes, he did something that i didnt expect him to know.
He asked me for permission,
Without any anticipation.
He loves to stare,
Like a stick brightens up with a flare.
When he's going home,
He waved goodbye such that he's going to Rome. (:
That is him walking with his daddy,
That's my New Small Buddy. (=

-Smart in the inside.