Friday, May 21, 2010

Not for you But for you.

I found you,
In the dresscode blue.
You look perfectly fine,
Like the stars that shine.
I'm feeling so eager,
To go to you and get your number. (:
You may wonder who is she,
I'll tell you after i finish this sushi.
Today their feeling joyful,
While i'm here saying BLOODYFOOL!
I'm not angry,
But i'm just overwhelmed with fury.
The kick start of love is given by the one above.
I hate flashback,
Could you guys just give me a whack?
Not you there,
I prefer the ones that care.(:
If you feel the heat,
Just relax and take a seat.
i'm too lazy,Although typing is easy.
I wanna get my pillow,
To lie down low. (:
Lights off, And fcuk off. haha!