Sunday, May 9, 2010

The other day i see.

Time suddenly tick-tock so fast,
Leaving the place left with no dust.
It was a shock,
While looking at my watch G-Shock.
I stare at it, Feeling unaware of this shit.
If 24 hours end that quick,
I'll surely get sick.
This white nokia i put on the table,
Wasn't doing what it is capable.
Which is texting and calling,
Among the people that i'm contacting. (:
The situation is getting confusing,
But i know that i can't be rushing.
Take it slow, or i'll be forever solo.
I won't call this emo,
You better hear me say "Te amor"
Quit fooling around,
I'm here to safe you from being drown.
You should know it one day,
And we'll spend time together walking by the bay. (:
We were once double,
And I know we're capable.
Capable to make things manageble,
Manageble to make us lovable,
Lovable to make us a forever couple! Chey chey chey! HAHA!
You see today's date,
I wanna make a state,
That i wont use the word hate,
Cause i believe that we meet each other by fate. HAHA!
I'm feeling sleepy, That's why i'm being crappy.
I'll say goodnight.
I'll say sleeptight.
And together we'll off the light! ^^
Say goodbye, To all mobile!