Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bonham St.

Hey! i knw,its alrdy sunday! bt i waannaa blog about yesterday,which is saturday.=D
So ya,i woke up arnd 12pm i guess.haha
EAT,TV,EAT,TV...till my friends beep me.and there i go,getting ready to get ready.huh?haha.
Before that,my girfee called..gosh.she was really worrying me..She said she cldnt do anythng.And tht,she was at Jp..I did fetch her,sent her home safely.And she rest,while i'm off to MARINA w rascal of cause. haha.
We came,we ate LJS/BK. We walk around. We do nonsenses things.standard! haha.
Then we off to waterfront,chit chat,hang out,chillingggg.=D
Then to merlion! haha.CAMWHORE! Lastly,to CLARKE QUAY.hhaaa!
CHILLING.. haha. so ya,great friends together make nonsenses..haha.k im lame.
so taking care! boooooooyyyyyyaaaaaaaa! ENJOY the KIND of SLIDESHOW. ahahah.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Friday; standard! Prayers! haha.
After that,loiter-loiter-loiter till had no idea what to do. So ya,Work at 6.
Go back to have a chnge! gosh. Tired.woooshhh
After that,head off to work with luqman Ca.Had a friend at work! hahaha.coool..
Thght mira wanna meet,but she was tooo slow.haha jk!
But she came JV! haha. sweet kn? =D
Anyway,Got my $$$ fr last wk. oooo!!! haaa
Reservation at 6.30! fuyoo! tired.
TIRED.TIRED.TIRED. That is the topic of the day. haha.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Topic of the day is WORK! haha.
Spent 8 hours at work. wow.ksian parents. =D
Manager didnt come.hehe! best! But ya,its only 2 days since my supervisor left.
Swear that i kept thinking about him jst now at work.haha.
He left me a msg "kerja baik-baik ya man!" (i'll keep that in mind)
He was a supervisor,a boss,a friend & a brother. =D
Then between my break frm 4-6pm, i met NUR SARMIRA FILZAH! hehe. love her!
We chatter-chatter,chit-chat! then thats all...=)
When off to work with ACHIT.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

JAE result.

Great! A text msg was sent at 6.45am earlier this morning.
A msg frm THE GOVERNMENT! haha.
They said im not registered to POLY! fuck off! haha.
watch out eh! grr!
people going back to school,and i aint.=(
Had a lot to think of,appeal? ITE? POLY?
aduhai. wtv it is. find a sch! JJyeahh!
That's all folks!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Leaf Turning.

The world is totally up side, down side, left side, right side, last night.
I did that silly mistake. Gosh. i love you. sorry.
Forget about tht,its cool now. =D
Heard something about my supervisor! great! he's leaving! GREAT! =(
"Baik lh manager,kau yg stay.waduh!"
Went to JV at 5pm,just to hve a lil' chat with my supervisor.
"Gua mau nangis sik!" haha!
After an hour,met NUR SARMIRA FILZAH just to fetch her home! ily her! haha.
so jyeah! Thts all folks!

Monday, January 25, 2010


Woo. Today, is the day. I got a blog. =D
Woo. Today, is the day. Lex won.
Woo. Today, is the day. I'm sick. =(
haha. oooooooooo!