Thursday, May 20, 2010

To the killers.

They are my buddies in this new life.
Happiness is a sickness.
It stays with you,
Like a stupid flu.
Together we make it stay,
With your own unique way. (:
Maybe things may not be perfect,
Slowly you'll learn to accept all fact.
Life is easy now if you think,
It won't be that easy after you make a blink.
Surroundings of people keep on changing,
Sometimes it does affect your feeling.
It only depends on you to make a change,
Maybe increase your happiness range.
So you won't be always down,
With that ugly frown.
Riding solo is great,
While theres no need to find a date. (:
The world revolves around the sun,
While my bad words revolves around the stupid cunts!
I dislike your style,
After seeing it for awhile.
People aren't a robot,
While you, yourself is not a god.
If i didn't do it right,
Please help me open up my brain with a little light. (:
You thought this LIFE is yours,
I won't give a damn to give you an UPYOURS!
If you dont understand,
Just bury yourself in the sand.
Get away from this universe,
And just don't give me that curse.
I know what you meant,
When you say "we are not meant"
That is equivalent to "Get Lost",
Making me to continue my steps without any pause.
And I regard this as me being tossed.
What i do now is walk,
And not following people like a dog.
Say bye, to the sky.
It is already night, A perfect time to say goodnight..
With a comfy sleeptight. (: