Sunday, June 27, 2010

Some other kind of problems.

An owl way,
A body that frays.
The bright is when i'm home.
The dark is when i'm at Rome.
Counting down to those days,
Till the time i meet everything face to face.
Stop with a dot.
Start with quite a lot.
One stare.
Alot to bare.
Everything made me stone,
Nothing triggers me.
Not even my phone.
I need a sleeping session.
To clear all depression.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

There change it all.

I got something to do on saturday morning,
Which is putting on my shoes and go jogging.
But it doesn't mean i'm running in a solo manner,
Cause i already got myself a perfect jogging partner!

This is me, Don't follow.

My eyes are weak.
My eyebags are big.
Rather their thick.
Im afraid to fall sick.
Cause Rahman just can't sleep.
Insomnia ooohhhhhh..
An insomnia.. ohhhhhh.. hahaha!
Don't be like me,
Or you'll suffer many2. :D
So be ready,
To face this tragedy,
Brought to you by Rahman Jeopardy! :D

Friday, June 25, 2010

What you people should know.

Its not about telling everyone what you're thinking,
But just about expressing your own feelings.
Even if you tell the people for whom you're breathing,
They won't believe just that saying,
Rather tell them by showing.
If you like someone,
It doesn't mean he/she is the one.
If you gonna tell he/she what youre feeling,
Don't do it exactly on blogging,
Cause theres no meaning.
You think going first is the best way,
Without any words of pray.
I tell you efforts won't pay.
And you won't have your day.
Giving up isn't an option,
And also using illegal potion.
I'll rather sit down and lay back,
Then going fast and get whack!
Chill people with problems,
Always fill up your boredom.
When youre occupied you won't be wondering much,
When youre empty you will always be thinking as such.
There's always a way,
Slowly think while you're hitting the hay.
Rest well. You'll be able to think well.
Sleep you shits! Don't be an owl like me. :D

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I don't live.

What am i going to do?
If its gonna be that true.
All this while i'm always thinking,
When will be the ending,
Or izzit won't be happening?
Oh god.
I'm sick again. and again. and again.
How short my life is to feel only the pains?
It just fated that i'm gonna leave,
And there's no need to breathe.
I didn't regret on what i have given,
And i will be ready to have you'll forgiven.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Four-Thirty hours.

A morning of thinking,
Cause me not to be sleeping,
With my eyes rarely blinking.
It is just some weird situation,
And my mind is all in tension.
Alot of stuffs going through inside,
Although the space isn't that wide.
Just a few sentences that got me all caught up,
And made me think what's up.
"Too much of a good thing is bad"
"You need to balance everything in life"
"You can't always be following your heart and neglect using your mind"
Maybe more of such sentences were said,
Maybe meeting that friend of mine was fate.
But solving everything inside will need to wait,
And nobody will know which particular date.
It is just so strange last night,
Like one hell of a ride.
I wish i know what to do.
Cause i already got the clue.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Don't come.

Oh godd.
I don't want a sore throat,
Cause i got no medicine to cope.
I don't want to get a 2nd strike,
Or my body will get a fright.
Nowadays i don't feel so good,
Things really shutters my mood.
I got easily sick,
My body is always weak.
Something is wrong inside,
I gt a feeling the doctor has something to hide.
I should get the hell out of here,
Maybe get my sleeping gear.
Be ready to condemn guys. bye

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Trembling surface.

The place like its being hit by a hurricane.
Causing so much pain.
The situation is so hard for me to maintain.
I got everything wrong.
Messing up all the songs.
It took me so long.
Getting on top.
And now it feels so easy to drop.
Just a lil' hop.
You never knew.
What others gne through.
More than you.
In life is about confidence.
Follow by perseverance.
But what is important is patience.
From the outside i'm brave.
In the inside im jst afraid as a slave.
Nobody cares a god damn thing.
Even if im already flying high with wings.
Maybe i should go.
Maybe so.
Or is it a no?
Finding a paradise.
Isn't about rolling those dices.
You need to feel it.
Then you owned it,
Others will love it.
Now i got to beat it.
I'm done, I'm gone.
Now its none.
Gdbye tghil.
There comes krad.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tragic Insomnia.

First time a woke up at this hour,
With so much power.
Usually i am still sleeping,
Ignoring about the timing.
I just couldn't get a good rest,
Cause my mind is putting my eyes to a test.
I don't know what i'm thinking about,
Waking up early isn't a good thing to be proud.
It is just that,
Things are always bad.
Turning to my right, The scenery was so bright.
While on left, Seeing nothing was left.
Two different world living upon us,
Many different people that is hard fr us to trust.
At times i think about you,
And my mind go "guuuuuu" haha. lame.
But it is true,
That i miss you,
And nobody knows who! =P
I've been thinking alot lately, SERIOUSLY.
I need a time portal,
To just get out of this sickening bottle.
Anwy, studies really do come into our mind,
Even when things aren't going fine.
Typically we're lazy,
But we pretend we want to study badly.
Hmmmm. Blank indeed.
Be happy, im over typing. bye

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I give up.

3 Days.

I feel you.

I'm all confused. Why good things people abused?
Sometimes going back to square one,
Isn't as easy as improving what has been done.
It isnt game dammit,
By just breaking things and waste it?
Oh god.
You think hurting others is wonderful?
I'll show you that you're one bloodyfool!
If am a killer, I'll be that murderer.
Chasing after you, is what i'm gonna do.
Hurting people and leavin' them is tht easy huh?
Recall back how hard it is before you have them?
If you answer, damn matharfucker!
Ill wack your face with this peanut butter!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It depends.

A little kid that taught almost everyone.
A sentence, a meaning, an impact.
"If we fall in life, We can choose whether to get back up or not."
-Jaden Smith

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Why i have to think.

I look around, Happiness is what i found.
I'm glad, Seeing how much happiness they had.
Thinking that i will too,
It only matters if i want it to.
Right now i'm just plain empty inside,
Alot of things that i really need to hide,
Only me can create my own guide.
You already found your guide,
It only left with me being alone in the wide.
I don't know why my god damn mind is flashing things back,
All the things were suppose to be left on the racks.
But right now it came out without a red carpet,
Because i once take things for granted.
Remembering the mistake,
Causing me to have some apologise to make.
I jst knew, "There is no mistake that we can't reconcile."
But at that moment im jst out of my mind,
Always saying sorry thinking that its all fine.
You knew how i felt didnt you..
But i feel more regret thinking back on the things i do..
God taught me some lesson,
As i'm such a selfish person.
Now i got this sickness,
Making my eye sight to darkness,
Driving my head to madness.
I just don't feel i'm alive,
Feeling like going to the top and make a dive.
I'm always saying later,
Thinking that it don't matter.
While i need those medicine,
To prevent myself from making an absent.
Being that stubborn,
Now illness has become worsen.
Usually this isn't that hard,
Cause you're there to be my guard.
Oh god.
Why am i talking such crap...
Im just being a frag.
I'll just need a rest, i guess.
I hope..

Friday, June 11, 2010

Out of my line.

I know what i did last summer,
Which is making you suffer.
Now my life is much more harder,
But i hope fr yours to be much more simplier.
I'm wrong, Let me sing a ''sorry'' song.
Apologising isnt as easy as typing "QWERTY".
But it won't be as wordy,
Whereas only tears that you'll see.
Oh god. Imma Weirdoo.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last Resort.

People now tends to rush everything,
Without knowing a single thing.
Thinking that it is the right way,
Infact is turns your vision to grey.
Sometimes you wonder,
Where's your laughter?
Sometimes you don't understand,
Where's the other hand?
Things don't go accordingly,
While people wanted it to be done so perfectly.
The past at times have a comeback,
You just need to say what the heck!
Rather than showing what youre lack.
You knw what i think guys?
At first i wish fr that thing to be done,
Rather it happens when all the other things are gone.
How if i have some wishes to be made?
A wish to stop remembering,
A wish to start healing,
A wish to be prepare at anything.
I'll pack up and go,
Going solo,
Without any friends or foe.
You stay there, with your pair.
I'll be here, with my peers.
I'm learning. Stop running.
What if im not in anyone's life someday?
What wld you guys say?
frget it. bye

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I won't answer any "WHY",
Rather i'll just wave you goodbye.
If you think i lie,
Start assuming if you want to die.
3 words.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


8 June 2010.