Friday, December 31, 2010

Little saying, no sleeping.

I'm imperfect,
Just the way it should be infact.
I'm Rahman,
Someone that dislike ditching the word ''fun''. (:
I got a girlfriend name "Khiriah",
Don't try to flirt with her, will ya? :D
Night has passed,
Sleeping time don't need to rush.
I just can't get to sleep tonight,
Maybe somethings just ain't right.
It's been long since i update,
Maybe long enough for an artist to create,
a new potrait. :)
New year is coming,
I don't know later where i'll be going.
Just home i guess.
bye to all pest.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Don't tell me that i'm leavin'.

One day plus a few hours.
Time is the essence.
But it just doesn't seem right.
I really got to go.
When now i feel so low.
Ain't really feel like blogging,
And also rhyming.
But i just need to do some story telling,
To tell my friends that i'm leaving.
To where?
An isolated Beach.
Maybe life is hard.
Maybe water is not enough to soften it mr fong. :)
Wave goodbye to you.
Everyone, the one that care.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Real soon.

Alot of stuff to do till thursday,
All my projects are really on the edge of the bay.
I can't really have time to always hit the hay,
I do need to make efforts that would really pay.
Three straight days coming back to school,
Won't make me feel like a fool.
Because i know what i want to achieve,
Why bother being teased? (:
Furthermore, i'm leaving real soon,
I'm gonna fly off to the moon.
Or rather i say i'll be going away,
For a faraway 5 days stay holiday.
shouldn't talk about this,
I don't want people to get all missed.
Takecare world.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

High-tech shit.

Wrongs and rights.
Situation so tight.
If its me,
Rather i'll be the one being stab.
Rather than seeing others being stabbed.
Suck up blog, facebook, msn, tweeter, tumblr, and whatever form of communication.
Technologies are shit.
Caused huge problems.
Make people be a coward.
Get lost high-tech.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Start or stop?

"Where am i, Its for you to figure it out"

Hi blog.
I feel so active bt yet sleepy,
Am i crazy?
Life seems twirling enough for me,
I wander what tomorrow might be.
Test is already a day away,
I hope all the studies do pay.
I feel like i wanna hit the hay every minute,
But i got a lot to be done than said.
What a planet,
Some people haven't realise yet.
That they should start on appreciating,
Than just whining or sighing.
Facebook is off the hook.
Ain't using it anymore?
Guess so.
Anyway, library at 3pm.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Still going on.

Its been long.
Long enough.
Wreck blog.
I got a life,
Dont worrn about tht. :)
Just ain't active with comps.
Today,had a day with syed muhd syafiq. :D
Shopping der.
Yesterday, a day at zoo.
With syed muhd syafiq, yasniza, khiriah. :)
Tomorrow, will be a day at school.
Off, A wk left before leaving.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

After some days.

Days passed,
My blog is like a metal that rust.
I was busy w life,
I was learning how to survive.
Things are ok,
Some sinful debts i need to pay.
In 3 days grace,
I need to prepare the phase.
Tournament at tampines,
I don't want the training go to waste.
But here i am,
Falling of the ramp.
An injury i have,
3 days to cure i'd left.
Things just ain't right,
The door just isn't bright.
"Why" isn't a need anymore,
It just sucks to the core.
Done done done.
Bye bye bye.