Thursday, April 29, 2010

That thing you do.

People around told me,
"Be what you need to be."
I say "I am me, you see."
I know they care alot,
I make them worry and thats my fault.
At times i stop my bad ways,
but i got it back the upcoming days.
I knew i shouldn't have that,
to prevent things to go bad.
I seen the real stuffs,
somehow all of it was just bluffs.
I got it straight, into my head.
That this isn't a game.
Life cycle, and that its name.
I won't have to point, But I rather toss coins.
It won't be long for me to follow along.
I thought we're family?
But you made it like we're enemy.
These aren't negative thoughts,
so its better posting it on the dot.
Hate me as you wish, Kill me like a fish. (:
Or maybe, pretend that i never exist.
Don't have to worry,
cause you're not for me to marry. HAHA!
I love you like a baseball player with his hat,
which is Haslin Bte Samat. (:
Taking Caring to people from all the bearings! haha!