Sunday, October 31, 2010

The whole main point.

I've been blog-dead for quite sometime,
And my blog's posts are missing from all those rhymes.
Well i won't be talking about the past daze,
Just that i'll talk about only yesterday. :D
Its halloween night,
But every where we go its still bright,
And it seems not right.
But at zentoza,
It feels like an extravaganza!
28 dollars for the event,
On the 30th off we went.
Spooky it isn't,
But boring it musn't.
Love it!
With ghost roaming around,
Like as if its their own town. :D
4 trails,
10 males. :)
We enjoyed, That's the whole main point.
Life seems pale.
Don't bother.
Cause i don't.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I need it too.

I appreciate every person that are in my life right now.
And also the ones who had left.
No matter how much they spent some thoughts,
Sacrificing some time/moments/effort for my happiness.
It's very much appreciated indeed.
I'm glad.
I need some appreciation too. (:
Great friends guys, :D
You're my helium gas. XD

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Anonymous location.

Went to Bedok.
Performance by young talents.
Especially my cousin's band and my classmate, Shafiqmagz. :D
Then off to city hall. :D
Enjoy the blizzard. :)
Rascal long day out, :D
Im tired. bye.

P.s, things change.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Thought i chose the right one,
But that wasn't what i want.
How can this be?
Why didn't i see?
I'm so darn sarcastically clever,
And things that happen almost put me into a high fever.
Seriously i thought it'll be alright,
But now i know that trust has already died.
Fcuk this shit.
Sorry dad/mum/sis/bro.
Believe it or not,
People are available in all kinds and sorts.
Go to hell. bye.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Guy of miliions shit holes.

I'm ridin' it now,
I'm clearing all the "how".
I already am tired of it,
Sickening piece of shit.
I always advise so much to people,
But advising myself is what i'm not capable.
I'm a tiny boy actually,
but that's your god damn fantasy!
In reality i'm someone,
Someone that you can't easily taunt.
Fcuk you.
If you think you're a winner,
Then by all means be some life saver.
Shit hole.
Get something you don't have,
Which maybe you can't have till death?
I'm tired saying it all over again,
You just fcuk away and stop causing the pain.
Hell go.
Anyway, i'm good.
Just swinging my mood.
Stop here.
Bye peer!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It lands.

Twist and turn,
Making me feel the burn.
An airplane,
Has come landing on its lane.
Waiting for some people,
People that gave up and say there aren't capable.
Or maybe people that insist on running away,
Cause they just don't wish to stay.
So i'm here wishing them to go,
I hope they'll fill up all the empty rows.
Day by day,
Say what you need to say.
Don't keep it tight,
Just fight for your rights. :D
Changes occur continuously,
You just need to be steady & ready. (:
I feel the change now,
And i kept sayin "how?!"
But nah, fcuk off.
I don't wish to be all soft.
And be the one being push all around,
Now such changes won't push me down.
Cause i had enough,
Been thru such obstacles so tough.
Im weak once,
And thats what everybody wants.
I cant always be like that,
Or else i'll be step till i'm flat.
Mean it people,
Lets talk, not mumble.

Why is there a why?

An upside down tragedy.
I really am some jeopardy.
I felt so, I felt low.
Everything seems diff today,
Even if i kept on saying "no way!"
It just dont seem right,
Where is my bright light?
No one bother,
Even my father,
Also my mother.
How strange?
Are we going in distant by range?
Why be good to everyone?
At times they forget your good deeds in less than a month?
Its not about asking any repay,
But hey,
Have a heart as i can say.
Appreciate if you may. (:
If everyone wants to go,
I can't really say no.
Thats them,
Thats their own attempt. (:
Maybe i'll lose alot,
But sacrificing is what i thought.
I'm sick. sick. sick.
I'm weak. weak. weak.
But i can't sleep. sleep. sleep.
Why bother?
Happy 17 october 2010.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


The moon is there now watching,
It ain't moving.
It is just staring,
As i am here thinking.
I'm so weak & tired.
And i'm sick & all head-wired.
I need a little power,
But where's my life-saver?
Oh god.
I feel like dying,
My mouth hasn't been talking.
The voice just can't come out,
While once it was so loud.
I can't move,
My steps ain't smooth.
I'm always coughing,
There's no stopping.
What's wrong?
Oh gosh.
Am fell.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Actually i'm gone.
For nw?
I got nothing to talk about.
Alot of things were the same stuffs.
So for now, i'll silent this blog. :)
5 days later or whatsoever?

Monday, October 4, 2010


I'm keeping it low.
I'm going to go with the flow.
I don't need any boat for me to row.
But i got to go.
And so,
Let's just hold on tight.
Create a future so bright.
Giving all the light.
And have a mindset so wide.
I'm back! boo!! huh?
Bye! :D