Saturday, May 29, 2010

They go.

This june holiday,
People tend to fly far away.
Leaving me all alone,
Like an ancient throne.
I know you don't care, Rather you'll only stare.
So its not fair, To the ones that care.
You'll sure miss the ones that leave,
Only prayers we need to give.
I'm not feeling great now,
My body language is like i'm doing a bow.
I feel like laying back,
Vitamin is what i'm lack.
Seeya around,
When you're being found. bye.

Friday, May 28, 2010


I've been missing,
Cause i'm busy studying.
Life is full of plans,
From my different clans.
Soon we will move over,
Making me miss dover.
People thought a big school will be great,
But what i can say is I HATE!
Things will be different then,
I would like to stay dover if i can.
Rascal will see each other,
And together we gather! haha!
ITE College West, Can we be the best? ^^
K thats it,
It could be abit,
But the effort that counts you shit! haha.
I'm fcuking lost, I'll rather pause, And being frost.
Catch ya later, When i'm better. (:
A wave to all my fave.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blue top, Blue down.

Night mode eyes.
Don't dare opening.
Afraid of lights,
Being so bright.
Friends sake, woke up.
To Outram park.
To Harbourfront.
To Vivocity.
To Sentoza.
Fleamarket, Wavehouse.
Nasi briyani $4
Bandung drink $1
Camwhore from NIKON.

Meet the Yantys And Mum.

Adopted mother.(:
She's young, She's susy! ahah.
Gone for soccer.
Against K.F.C.
Toough match thou.
Lost indeed. Wtv
We did our best.
Thought of winning for Luqman. ):
Sad isnt it. Gosh.
So ya,tired.
Played 90 mins of shit.
Ended. Forgot the score.
Gone out to Cityhall,
With family.
But this one seems different. (:
They were cool, Being a fool.
They were cute, Till i became mute. haha!
Free tickets to the SG FLYER.
Watched some dance showcase.
Off to sakura at peninsula.
Off to boon lay interchange.
Reached home at 22:37 hours.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I very lazy.

I turn around to see you.
I got a frown because of you.
Bye! Fcuk!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Not for you But for you.

I found you,
In the dresscode blue.
You look perfectly fine,
Like the stars that shine.
I'm feeling so eager,
To go to you and get your number. (:
You may wonder who is she,
I'll tell you after i finish this sushi.
Today their feeling joyful,
While i'm here saying BLOODYFOOL!
I'm not angry,
But i'm just overwhelmed with fury.
The kick start of love is given by the one above.
I hate flashback,
Could you guys just give me a whack?
Not you there,
I prefer the ones that care.(:
If you feel the heat,
Just relax and take a seat.
i'm too lazy,Although typing is easy.
I wanna get my pillow,
To lie down low. (:
Lights off, And fcuk off. haha!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

To the killers.

They are my buddies in this new life.
Happiness is a sickness.
It stays with you,
Like a stupid flu.
Together we make it stay,
With your own unique way. (:
Maybe things may not be perfect,
Slowly you'll learn to accept all fact.
Life is easy now if you think,
It won't be that easy after you make a blink.
Surroundings of people keep on changing,
Sometimes it does affect your feeling.
It only depends on you to make a change,
Maybe increase your happiness range.
So you won't be always down,
With that ugly frown.
Riding solo is great,
While theres no need to find a date. (:
The world revolves around the sun,
While my bad words revolves around the stupid cunts!
I dislike your style,
After seeing it for awhile.
People aren't a robot,
While you, yourself is not a god.
If i didn't do it right,
Please help me open up my brain with a little light. (:
You thought this LIFE is yours,
I won't give a damn to give you an UPYOURS!
If you dont understand,
Just bury yourself in the sand.
Get away from this universe,
And just don't give me that curse.
I know what you meant,
When you say "we are not meant"
That is equivalent to "Get Lost",
Making me to continue my steps without any pause.
And I regard this as me being tossed.
What i do now is walk,
And not following people like a dog.
Say bye, to the sky.
It is already night, A perfect time to say goodnight..
With a comfy sleeptight. (:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Annoying Video of Fruits.

Orange: Hey Banana! Whatcha doing?
Banana: Urr, Just hanging around, With my bud.
Orange :True..True.
Lemon :Waaaazzuuuupppppp!
Banana :Waaaazzzuuupppppp!
Orange :Woo! Whose that?
Banana :That's lemon.
Orange :Waaazzzzuuppppppp!
Lemon :Wazzzuuuupppppppp!
Banana :Waazzuuuupppppppp!
Orange :Yo! Where's kiwi?
Banana :Hey KIWI!
Kiwi : Yoooww!!
Lemon : Waaaazuuuupppppp!
Kiwi :Waazzuuuuuuppppppp!
Banana :Waazzzuupppppp!
Orange :Wazzzzzzzzuuppp!!!
Lemon :Waaaazzzuuupppppp!
Kiwi :Waazzuuuupppppppp!
Orange :Wow! Hold on!
Apple :Waazzuuuppppppppp!
Banana :Waaaaazzuuuupppp!
Orange :Waazzuuuppppppp!
Kiwi :Waaazzzzuuuupppppp!
Lemon :Wazzuuupppppppp!
Apple :Waazzuuupppppppp!
Banana :Waazzuuuppppppp!
Lemon :Wazuuppppppppp!
*Apple being cut into half*
Orange : wooo *Shock/sad face*
: Hey banana! Whatcha doin?
Banana :Urr. Just hanging around, With my bud.
Hilmi made me crazy. haha!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Don't see it.

Forget the unforgettable. (:
Ran out of time.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fatality. Charity.

I got a never ending hurting,
Whereby my left leg keeps on burning.
And i know it isn't much,
Compare to Luqman's injury as such.
I'm not here complaining,
Or i'm here whinning,
I'm just here for my usual blogging. (:
Maybe i got something up my mind,
Which i guess i can't remind.
It could be about a girl,
Making things to twirl.
It could be about friends,
That will always be around me like the fences.
It could be about family,
That i hope i could live with them happily.
Or maybe about everything that exist in this universe,
That keep making me singing that song's verse.
Haiyo, I'm feeling very low. haha!
It isn't always happy to be riding solo,
Even when you're already a pro. (:
I got this little task,
Could i have the permission to ask?
To ask,
For your trust.
To care,
With the heart to bare.
To share,
And always be fair.
To love,
Having only my name on the list above.
I ain't sad, or am i mad.
I was just wondering what will i get?
If i just stand in the rain and kept getting wet.
So i should make a step,
Even how deep its depth.
You wait there! If you dare.
And if we have the CARE,
We'll be a perfect PAIR. hahahahahahaha!
Milk is from cow,
I need to go now. =D
Bye bye, go fly.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Life Lines.

My family w/o sis&bro.(:

My cousins.(:

My everyday cousin/friend. (:

Rascals. (:

My so called Mother. (:

My very own adopted little sister. (:

My sister, Khiriah. (:

My sister, Shira. (:

My private motivator, Nur Syafiqah. ((:

What i have is them. ^^

Description of shits.

I lost.

  1. Abdul Rahman Bin Yahya.
  2. A happy family.
  3. A great grandmother.
  4. Inner strength.
  5. Faith.
  6. Believe.

I have.

  1. Friends.
  2. A young mum.
  3. A motivator.
  4. Rahman Jeopardy.
  5. A great real mother.
  6. A small happiness.
  7. A home

I'm losing what i have.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Today isn't a monday,
But it is so mundane.
I don't wish to go to school,
But i did and i feel like a fool.
Did nothing, Just some lecturers talking.
Shit this 4 hours of nonsence,
Everything were spoken doesn't make sense.
I'm so lost.
Very moody am i?
Or i can't wait to die?
Seriously,I lost my mood that suddenly.
Maybe because of the lectures,
Made me one of the slackers.
I feel like quiting school,
But i don't think thats cool.
I wanna study!! Motivate me please anybody????
Or i guess there's nobody?? aww. ):
Mum! I wouldn't be home tonight,
So no one can see me in their sight!

Real statements.

Somebody just text me,
I thought its just my best buddy.
But it is really somebody,
That came back so suddenly.
Making me smile widely,
Cause it is just so shockingly.
But you may be confuse,
When i say i haven't lose.
You may think i'm a fool,
Or rather i'm not cool.
Cause i speak alot,
With no break slot.
While my talkings are crap,
Like a lame shit rap.
But still i'm here,
So its up to you to hear.
Hear the good stuffs,
And not the truth that are bluffs.
It will be painful hearing lies,
With the combination of saying goodbyes.
Right now i hope for a "Welcome",
So you could have me and be armed. (:
Fate is some tragedy,
Hate isn't you and me. (:
Got To Go Downtown,
I'll don't want to see you frown.
I'll find you as the world is round. (:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Its 11th May today,
Exactly 3 months after moving our separate ways.
But it don't matter anymore,
Cause there won't be an encore. (:
Now,its about my life,school and you!
Wait and see till it come true. chey! haha.
Where have you been?
I hope you're not that keen,
Keen in leaving me ever since.
But i know you weren't so mean,
Till you could forgive my biggest sin. (:
Actually i don't have sins towards you girl,
But i have done sins towards the world.
Having me being so cruel,
Making things more brutal.
I don't wish to do it again,
Cause you don't deserve to feel the pain.
The pain that won't heal after a heavy rain.
Maybe i have that thoughts&feelings,
But now i'm hiding,
Until the time you comeby seeking. ^^
HeyHeyHey Lady,
Would you like to have your own Rahman Jeopardy? HAHA!
See, I'm being crazy.
Late night talking, While i'm blogging.
I could have rest during dawn,
So here i am having my first yawn.
I'll better go this instant,
Cause i need to run an errand.
Errand to my bed, That's where i'll drop my head. (:

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The other day i see.

Time suddenly tick-tock so fast,
Leaving the place left with no dust.
It was a shock,
While looking at my watch G-Shock.
I stare at it, Feeling unaware of this shit.
If 24 hours end that quick,
I'll surely get sick.
This white nokia i put on the table,
Wasn't doing what it is capable.
Which is texting and calling,
Among the people that i'm contacting. (:
The situation is getting confusing,
But i know that i can't be rushing.
Take it slow, or i'll be forever solo.
I won't call this emo,
You better hear me say "Te amor"
Quit fooling around,
I'm here to safe you from being drown.
You should know it one day,
And we'll spend time together walking by the bay. (:
We were once double,
And I know we're capable.
Capable to make things manageble,
Manageble to make us lovable,
Lovable to make us a forever couple! Chey chey chey! HAHA!
You see today's date,
I wanna make a state,
That i wont use the word hate,
Cause i believe that we meet each other by fate. HAHA!
I'm feeling sleepy, That's why i'm being crappy.
I'll say goodnight.
I'll say sleeptight.
And together we'll off the light! ^^
Say goodbye, To all mobile!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Today plus tomorrow.

Today i woke up at seven,
Having a match with each sides eleven,
In the field which i won't call it heaven. haha!
Sorry to say, We lost the play.
Even after we play our best way.
I'll say we rematch,
Without any false hope attach. (:
I'm sure we can do it guys,
Don't let them served us twice!
Hey Team K.F.C, hold on,
This is Rascal FC & there's a reason why we're born. haha!
Anyway, i thought you weren't far away.
But infact you made me sway.
Would you like to hear what i got to say?
Or you just wanna hit the hay?
I did saw you in white,
So don't try to hide! haha!
I wanna say "HI",
But i'm afraid theres no reply.
Next time i'll try,
Even if it would make me die. (:
There's two parts to your name,
I hope you're not taking this as a game.
So ya, That's it.
I'm sure this is more than you need to read.
We know that business man wears tie,
While i'm here to say goodbye! (:

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm okay and don't you worry.

You know everyone know about you,
And now i dont pretend that it isn't true.
All of it has proven, But now my mind has already open.
Open to accept any truth, Truth that will change my move. (:
I don't care what's happen next,
I'll rather have fun to the max!
I thought you said you didn't,
But i guess you meant that you wouldn't.
You cameby on sixteenzerosevenzeronine,
Only at that moment you're mine. (:
There isn't any grudges kept by me,
Cause in this world everyone is free.
Free to do what they want,
Other than bringing back the sun. haha!
You know i love you,
I know you love me,
We know that we're loved by everybody! hahaha!
Hating is worst than killing.
Healing is harder than running.
Feeling it is important than doing it.
Hiding is difficult than showing.
Losing is easier than winning.
Crawling is simplier than jumping.
And ya, loving is so much happier than leaving. C:
I'll pray for you both to last,
I'm sincere and i hope you trust. (:
Be happy like anyone else you see,
Cause im here climbing trees. haha!
Seeya on 7 May,
If tomorrow comes that day.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Turn out to be me.

I've changed in the way i look,
I was shy & I took cover with a book. (:
They thought i'm crazy,
But that was just for safety! HAHA.
Some were giving compliments,
While others are making criticising statements. ):
I feel sad a little bit,
But i dont give a shit. (:
I'm Rahman having a heart that still beats,
If you don't like it i'll step you with my feet. Haha.
This post is gonna be short and simple,
Cause i got to meet some people. ^^
Anyway, i lost my sickness called "cough",
While i'm here going to North. (:
Beep me by the cellphone,
But not when you're gonna ask for some icecream cones. haha.
Takecare of your health, Don't prioritise your wealth. (:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Three kind of stories.

People usually feels down when they lost something.
And they will just too stressed-up till they can't think.
But have you ever wonder the people who never owned anything?
How would they feel if they were given gifts others bring?
Those people would appreciate those gifts more,
More than us that has wealth as our core.
We can't get things with a snap,
Like people say "It needs two hands to clap." (:
We help out, we'll make two ways to the top.
We became a family when we're 14,
Just so you know we're all still teen. (:
Us is another word other than we,
We're still here as unite as we can be.
On the field, we got the balls curl in.
On the screen, they show Rascal win. (:
I start it out with a smile,
Now i'll make sure we're less a mile.
I say you're weird kind,
But you say i was wrong for being blind. HAHA.
Silence occurred usually,
I wonder what you're up to actually. (:
Don't think that rhyme phrases are a trend,
Cause i'm talking about my friend. ^^
A mother suppose to stay together,
With her son happily ever after.
But this fairytale lies a twist,
We're somehow stuck together in a mist.
You lost a person, while i'm preventing things from worsen.
I'm here like a child, colouring a mother's life of dull.
My name is Abdul Rahman with no "Binte",
She's my mother name Susyyanty. (:
I got a crib in jurong west,
My life is usually overwhelmed with test.
I go through it without hesitation,
And knowing theres always unnecessary temptation.
You guys know me,
Or i could say a maybe. HAHA.
My nick in facebook is Rahman Jeopardy,
If necessary,anyone could be my buddy. =D
Unnecessary blog post, Makes my eyes halfway to doze.
Get some sleep guys, if cant, keep adding up to the trys. HAHA

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Can't get through.

I lost my usual thoughts,
And i dont knw where it has been brought.
I'll be back, Don't you get mad. (:
I love you all, Just give a call.
I'm bouncing off from this website,
And you don't forget to sleeptight. (:

Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Small Buddy.

Around sixteen sixteen hours on time,
We chill at the sides doing no crime.
A group of toddlers cameby for play,
We won't mind to give them way.
All were similar in shirts,
But this single boy acts with no rehearse.
I thought he came from a cave?
Cause he's the one making the first wave. (:
I replied instantly,
Making him smile immediately. haha.
Finding some spot on the play venue,
He suddenly took the slide as i knew.
Before he goes, he did something that i didnt expect him to know.
He asked me for permission,
Without any anticipation.
He loves to stare,
Like a stick brightens up with a flare.
When he's going home,
He waved goodbye such that he's going to Rome. (:
That is him walking with his daddy,
That's my New Small Buddy. (=

-Smart in the inside.