Friday, July 30, 2010

Shifting soul.

Why am i been missing nowadays?
Could i be busy always?
Maybe not that always,
But maybe just these past few days.
There's so much for me to erase,
As there's even more problems i got to face.
Well whatever happens,
There will be friends in presence.
Alot to do,
More than you.
Things started to change,
I don't know if this can maintain.
But i like it somehow,
If this stays i'll be honour to take a bow.
Sometimes being left is a lesson to become stronger,
It is hard to climb back up the ladder,
If you made it fast you're a winner. :D
Now i am tired, I feel so head-wired.
Later i'll be an engineer for a day,
But there won't be any pay. haha!
Photos from shira's belated bday party will be uploaded.
So yea, thats all.
I wanna crash landing.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Movie breaks.

Hi world.
I'm a lil' early for a blog posting session.
But nvm, what i bother. hah!
I gotta great P.E lesson earlier today.
Swimming lesson? wow!
Well, i got it thru. Fun thou. :D
Some bad attitude going on after that.......
Rather, we go to the movies in between our breaks.
It was the type of show Rahman Jeopardy suits to watch.
Wth. My friends and I laughed like there's no tomorrow. hahaha!
10/10 rating i could say.
Cute AGNES. hahaha!
woooooo. If i could have a daughter like her. kiwak mann! berangan! hahaha
k whatever la geng.
Gonna run some errand. seeya later alligator!

I know what you don't.

I got nothing left for me to say something.
I got everything here to say im nothing.
Maybe i am nothing, to you.
But i can create great things, if i wanted to.
I'll walk the whole stretch of the highway on my own.
I'll not worry you running back to me, cause you won't.
Sometimes it’s easier to say you don’t care,
instead of trying to explain every reason why you still do.
- credits: A friend

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Its been sometime...

Too great to even be said.
Its been so long, It feels so wrong.
If i would say my days have been busy,
You would even say that isn't the real me.
I got alot to do seriously,
Just to make myself feel happy. :D
I can't be sitting down,
Feeling so down.
I can't be checking facebook too,
Or i'll want to find out how do you do.
Its so true,
Its all about you. hah!
Just that there's a need to deny,
And there's no need to ask me why.
Alot about soccer,
Just like one motha-fcuker.
Others come around,
Just to help me not to frown.
School is full of assignments,
I just need to have some commitments.
All of it will eventually comeback to you,
But i'll be trying not to. huhu
Heads up, buck up.
Fly high, no sigh.
This is me, Rahman Jeopardy.
That will be her, Someone to clear all my fears. (:
I won't take it as a sad memory,
But as an encouragement therapy. :>
You'll think i'm crazy,
Or maybe i'm being crappy.
But this is reality,
Ain't talking in virtuality.
Hang on there, if you dare.
Get lost.bye

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nothing more left.

What i can say.
I got a busy day.
I'll tell you a tale;
In school, maybe i could say.
For the first time, i didn't come to sit by the bay.
I did all i got to do, All the assignments were so true.
I ended up feeling so gay, Till i celebrate it my own way. :D
I didn't touch the computer for facebook.
Rather i'm focusing and doing my work,
You'll know if you saw my stress look.
I go around not disturbing others,
But asking about important matters.
Sometimes life needs a change,
No matter how hard things are at the beginning.
Being positive have no limited range,
Even if all these while you got all the hurting.
Come on. Let's go. Don't stay.
Let's go pray! haha.
If its you, tell me.
I got no option left to think about. thankyou.
Have a nice day.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

And i don't know why.

Thinking thinking thinking.
Blinking blinking blinking.
Questioning questioning questioning.
Answering answering answering.
Accepting accepting accepting.
Believing believing believing.
Waiting waiting waiting.
Missing missing missing.
Loving loving loving.
Leaving leaving leaving.
Sacrificing sacrificing sacrificing.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stay low,

Simply today is an unknown.
I feel so different.
I slept 10 hours?
Too much.
I'm awake for more than 24 hours yesterday.
What nonsence am i doing? hah.
Oh well, i've done one assignment correctly.
For the first time? wow mann.
Proud of myself.
It made me run around the whole class. hah!
I didn't studied for all the tests.
Rather going around asking help during the test. omg mann.
I'm stupid, i'm slow if you could say. :D
Rather i won't stop acting i'm clever till i will be one.
Imperfection is human's definition of perfection. Hah!
Its been 4 mths. I'm sick.
When will it go?
Counting. Trembling.

Friday, July 16, 2010


This date.
No fate.
A lock gate.
Like i've said.
Don't wait.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


You're once the apple to my pie.

You're once the straw to my berry.

You're once the smoke to my high.

But now you made me say you're nobody.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Two days grace.

10th July;
An outing. A location. A celebration.
They got me laughing.
They got me smiling.
But they don't ever figure what i'm thinking.
So i rather be hiding.

11th July;
She. Movie. Dinner.
She got me thinking.
I caused all the wondering.
I wish to stay,
But you're not moving the same way.
I got alot to say,
But it seems harder day by day.
You won't know.
-Sleeping Beauty.

Friday, July 9, 2010


No calls.
No texts.
No info.
Feel low.
Just follow with the flow.
Its like this.
It ends here.
In 24 hours.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Why thoughts come by?
Why hurtings instanty made?
Why hardship always there?
Why memories won't erase?
Why happiness gives a little?
Why care is hard to bare?
Why love is everywhere?
Why am i asking all this?
Why are you reading all this?
Do you care? haha.
But seriously, why.
Hate that.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My day to say.

It really is 7 July!
And i already feel so high!
With the presents people buy!
There's no need for me to ask why!
haha. nonsence sia mann!
K done rhyming.
I'm sleepy you know.
Sriously, in school imma like a zombie walking.
hahaha! dope isnt it? huh? HAHA!
*To YOU, its ok for not hearing that wish of yours but i see the wish via sms?*
Birthday boy wanna say something, i miss YOU.
Can? say can! huh?haaahaaa!
whatever. nothing to be said anymore.haa
Thght its like 2009. Jst thght so.
No pictures because no celebration. ):
I dont care anyway.
Its the thoughts that counts. haha.

hmm. you already knew.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A race with nothing to waste.

6 July? wow. Ain't that fast?
Mybe this post ain't gonna have that stinky rhyming thing.
Gosh. my brain condemned. so ya.
You guys are glad right?! ahha. jk.
So what day is tmrw???? woooo!
haha. not gonna talk about it.
I remembered last year, i got a starbucks treat from syapik.
And yea, ayam penyet ria treat from nur sarmira filzah. haha.
Happy thou with the soda GEMBIRA. haha.
Memories.. Just that. Sweet thou.
Nah. shouldnt talk about it either.
*Guess what. Gonnabe birthday boy wanna say..errr. HAPPY ADVANCE 17TH BIRTHDAY TO ME!*
Huh?? hahaha.
Im happy myself. thts enough. :D
A wish to have you for my birthday wasn't a success yea? haha.
Nvm. booya..
Shld forget abt it? guess so.
Its different this year. Feel so.
A lil bit .. urrr. Empty.
Nothing to be happy about 7 July.
whatever. tkcre.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


The End

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Like a tattoo.

Its all about being optimistic?
Rather i'm a person that is pessimistic.
How is that so realistic?
So pathetic....
I can't always be thinking,
Maybe i'll start believing.
Or i should continue faking?
Even about what i'm feeling.
I should have known.
I'm always being thrown.
"Just like a tattoo" ??
Nah, it ain't true.
Someone there?
Why i'm standing here?
No reason,
For my presence.
Positive. Not negative.
I wish to dive,
End my life.
Its never easy.hah!