Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Never ending day.

The insomnia keeps on going,
No wonder i'm always thinking.
Cause i didn't have enough of sleeping,
Making my mind keeps on spinning.
The situation seems harder,
I have no idea whats gonna happen later.
I'm just blank,
And blank.
Thoughts and Thoughts.
Just me.
Felt like how a mother lost her child.
Feel so low.
Got to go.

Monday, August 30, 2010

I need to.



"I feel like i'm a bear covered with those thick fur, Just when you hugged me."
School's in.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Creation of mine.

"You would still make me melt, Even when it is snowing."
"The volcanic lava just can't burn you, Cause you're way much hotter."
"Among all other soft toys in store, Only you get sold out. Just because you're so cute."
"Guess that i need to go for a lifetime dialysis treatment, Just because i met you for a minute. Look how sweet are you."
The idea i have on you. :D

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Unclear me.
Unknown me.
I am like no other,
I'll just disappear,
If you try harder.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Late noon awake.

At 11,
My eyes opened.
5 mins later,
It closed again.
At 12 noon,
It open back so soon.
2 mins after,
It closed again a bit faster.
At 2,
It opened and searching for you. :D
I'm bored. bye!

Weak day.

Yesterday, Out the whole day.
School till the noon.
Didn't sleep the whole night,
Caused insomnia was at my sight.
Felt so weak,
Eating and drinking doesn't give me the kick.
I'mma freak.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A girl. A new member.

She's here.
24 August 2010.
Nur Tiara Elrynne. (:

Some thoughts shared.

People are afraid to love again,
Just because they're scared of being hurt over and over again.
But isnt that just being a coward?
When we fall we should get up again.
A failed relationship is a lesson to us.
So we should let that happen again.
We should strive to rekindle our love life.
Not be afraid to love again.
In fact, Love is everywhere.
We cant fight love, but we can accept it.
Learn from it. then can we become a better person.
If you think back.
Anywhere you look there is love.
Your parents take care of you since you were small cause they love you.
A man trains hard in NS cause he loves his country and want to defend it.
A gardener takes care of his plants as he loves them.
He don't want anything to happend to them.
I can go on and on but i want you to know that we need love.
Its what that keeps ppl going. love is life in fact. - Achit.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Head start.

Of something.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The way it is measured.

It feels so right when everything is wonderful.
Beginning isn't the ending.
It is not similar at all.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Road to somewhere.

A start of something new.
It feels like mountain dew!

Monday, August 16, 2010


This day.
This number.
What i got to say,
Its for us to remember.
I need help at times,
And stop making all these rhymes.
I'm afraid,
Whether to wait.
Maybe it is late,
But i don't even know if its fate.
I'm sorry again.
Causing all the pains.
Making you cry like rain.
Sinful act.
Caused regret.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I'm done doing nothing,
Now I'm trying to make up something.
Something that used to be a mystery,
Or maybe it is also used to be a history.
Turning down the history to the present,
To figure out what is left in existence.
I need some real answer,
If not I'll be a forever pathfinder.
Choosing the right path,
Would really give me a big laugh.
Choosing the wrong one,
Would destroy my fun.
Big things don't fear me,
No matter how big they can be.
But the ones i can't see,
Are the ones fear me. Alot.
Whisper the words I've been waiting to hear,
And help me disperse all my unwanted fears.
You come here,
Stay there.
Give me the care,
Sit with me to stare.
And when you breathe in the air,
I'll be the air for you. :D
Thats how we do.
My eyelids can't be glue,
I can't sleep too.
Maybe i'll just have a nap for an hour or two.
Rest well creatures.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


2nd day of fast.
Its kinda fast.
I'm abit fed-up with things,
I just wish i could have wings.
So i'll be flying high,
And i won't be afraid to die.
Going thru alot of daydreaming,
Maybe nightmares too.
So much of wondering,
Sometimes the truth speaks was so true.
I'm just unsure.
Should i be here?
Or maybe, where is here?
Whatever it is,
I'll stick to where i am.
Rather than risking my life going up the ramp.
Which is which?
I'm still me.
You guys not to worry.
Need to start on the problem solving,
Well, i wonder when will the end be coming.
Shut down.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Talk about NDP'10.

A whole day of fun and thrill,
As we guys are out to kill.
To kill the sadness,
Reviving the moments of happiness.
Two Thousand and Ten,
It is now in our hands.
We just need to know the plan,
So that we'll know how things went.
Yet, I don't wish to be all sad.
I've had enough, I said.
Now, i should make a deep turn.
I'm afraid, So this is what i need to learn.
But now, i got this bunch of friends.
They're the best, They'll make me dance. ahaha!
Aku bored ahh.
Nak tidur.
Nak puase! huh?
ahahaha! takecare!
(Pictures of fun above)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Not a mirror.

Nine August right now?
The peers following later,
Ain't perfectly like last year.
It doesn't matter,
But still it won't be that better.
Just so different.
Hope you guys enjoy today,
Throw all the sadness away,
And go hooray-hooray!
You, you and you. Do takecare.
Know what you need to do.
Be sure.
Don't feel so fear.
I'm here.
I'll be near, You won't see.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

5.30 am.

Last night, Things are weird.
The night is so bright,
That's what you've never heard.
Can't seem to be resting,
Wondering what i'm thinking.
Things so complicating,
When i'm all alone sitting.
So much of decision making,
And idk which is the right thing.
I thought it thru,
What a friend of mine said is true.
I can't just lay back and do nothing,
Or am i not suppose to be pretending.
I'm just sick,
Doing alot of thinking for the past few weeks.
Its been 4 months,
And i'm still not making any runs.
I have no idea,
All of it inside my brain had gone head-wired.
I'm hungry,
Maybe going to Mac'd.
Errr. what a thrill.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Happiness at sight,
But our distant was so wide.
History was so tight,
With lots of tears to wipe.
Just a remote. Just..

Friday, August 6, 2010

Ain't me.

Kinda lazy all this while,
And sometimes i feel so senile.
Maybe i think too much,
While things just stay as such.
Ain't i that kinda of a fool?
Lucky i'm not as stupid as a bull.
Going for the reds,
Which they know doing that is what they hate.
Sleeping 3-4 hours per day,
Won't even make each day a good day.
For me i guess, But i'll do whats best.
At times i know i'm somebody,
And at that point i'll be all happy.
Whereas after all that,
I'll be all sad.
Don't know what i had,
Thats what i will get,
There's no need to bet.
I wanna stop this,
I want tensions to have a low gradient at least.
Oh god.
I need a tour guide in my mind,
To stop all the unnecessary whine.
Freaking shit.
Alot of things really doesn't show who i really am nowadays,
Making my mind frays.
Gotta lay.
Lets start a new day.
Hung up.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How it feels.

Do you know how it feels like?
Unsure whether you're doing it right.
Upon seeing he/she pops out somewhere,
And you don't even know if there's a need to be there.
This isn't fair.
How would you know if you need to do this or do that?
I thought maybe you don't need to know yet.
Confusion is always.
I'm right in any ways.
Sometimes making an effort to sustain a friendship needs to party,
If only one try so hard to, It won't be a reality.
My mind can't stay ease for a day,
Maybe yours too if you got the chance to say.
I wanna be.
Something you won't see.
Stop now or never.

Monday, August 2, 2010

I thought.

Usually i woke up,
Nothings up.
But these past few days,
There's alot to gaze.
Before this, I never dreamt about you,
But why now everything seems to be you,
You won't believe if it is true.
Isn't it?
Two days straight,
It is not something i hate.
But these things happen just a lil' late.
I thought i was in reality,
But it wasn't as i thought it would be.
Just i thought so...
I thought..