Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Real statements.

Somebody just text me,
I thought its just my best buddy.
But it is really somebody,
That came back so suddenly.
Making me smile widely,
Cause it is just so shockingly.
But you may be confuse,
When i say i haven't lose.
You may think i'm a fool,
Or rather i'm not cool.
Cause i speak alot,
With no break slot.
While my talkings are crap,
Like a lame shit rap.
But still i'm here,
So its up to you to hear.
Hear the good stuffs,
And not the truth that are bluffs.
It will be painful hearing lies,
With the combination of saying goodbyes.
Right now i hope for a "Welcome",
So you could have me and be armed. (:
Fate is some tragedy,
Hate isn't you and me. (:
Got To Go Downtown,
I'll don't want to see you frown.
I'll find you as the world is round. (: