Wednesday, April 6, 2011

For you.

So much hurting i've caused you.
People thought i'm one super duper perfect guy.
_|_ Wrong. Just very wrong indeed.
I hadn't get over what happened just now.
I still can't forgive myself at all.
I lose myself at that point when i realized what i did was stupidly wrong.
I will be gone for quite awhile.
Idk how long.
I'm sorry again.
I can't even look at your face for now, because it will just display how much damaged i'd caused. :\
Don't come and look for me.
Just for the meantime.
Do what you want to do.
I have no rights in stopping you.

I will always love you. Remember this.

Take good care of yourself. Don't forget to eat your meals. :)
Bye love.

Monday, April 4, 2011

A race within days.

When you decide to go,

I wish i could say no.

But i'm no one to you,

Just a boyfriend and that's true.

Letting go isn't like leaving a pen behind,

And i won't be just fine.

So much things happening,

Causing lots of crying.

I wish letting someone go was easy, So you won't even forget the word happy.

He said all those stuff,

Makes me laugh.

Thinking why the heck he blew off those chances,

Sick assES.

I don't hate you nor you,

He's big enough to handle what he needs to go through.


I'm sick. I'm weak. I'm a freak.

Just watching the clock ticks.

You'll be gone.

I felt it everytime its dawn.

And when you do,

I'll pray the best for you. :)

Farewell. ;)