Saturday, May 8, 2010

Today plus tomorrow.

Today i woke up at seven,
Having a match with each sides eleven,
In the field which i won't call it heaven. haha!
Sorry to say, We lost the play.
Even after we play our best way.
I'll say we rematch,
Without any false hope attach. (:
I'm sure we can do it guys,
Don't let them served us twice!
Hey Team K.F.C, hold on,
This is Rascal FC & there's a reason why we're born. haha!
Anyway, i thought you weren't far away.
But infact you made me sway.
Would you like to hear what i got to say?
Or you just wanna hit the hay?
I did saw you in white,
So don't try to hide! haha!
I wanna say "HI",
But i'm afraid theres no reply.
Next time i'll try,
Even if it would make me die. (:
There's two parts to your name,
I hope you're not taking this as a game.
So ya, That's it.
I'm sure this is more than you need to read.
We know that business man wears tie,
While i'm here to say goodbye! (: