Saturday, February 27, 2010

A message to you; A.C.A.B!

Woah! Heaven on earth!
Got home from soccer!
Drank 2 cups! Woah!
K im lame.OoOoOoOo!
Let's start..
Gone for prayers.
Got an entry to BLSS.
Hang out inside for awhile.
Then went out.
Waited for My Baby!
Sent her home.hee.
She knws THE STORY alrdy.=/
Nvm,she loves me still.heee!
Then.went home.
Go out for soccer.
Then here i am! wooo.
(A.C.AB! shit! Am i a bad guy??woo.i wonder.)

Friday, February 26, 2010

A room for a fool.

It is a word for an apology.
I've done somethng.
And that somethng leds to another thing.
So it leds to say sorry to you My Dear.
You tght of things a diffrnt way.
You jst dont knw yet what happen.
I dont blame you.
But dont think i dont care.
Cause i always do.=D
Remember that.
See you someday.
The story will reveal.
Dont worry guys! haha
(Happiness isnt always honest)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mind's full, head's zero.

My mind is full of things to say.
But.i'm blank.
So,hw is tht suppose to be?huh?
Ok,Let's go!
Its gonna be about one wk to my registration.
Also one wk to Girlfee's birthday.
WOW.Check list;
  1. 7th month planning was great.
  2. Hven't got a haircut!
  3. Still in highlight condition.
  4. Still planning for 4 march.

Life isnt good you LG! shit LG! haha

Need more time.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Craving Has Stop.

Countdown has started.
4 March is marching in.
Before tht,i wanted to share with you about what i did jst now.
Hmm,I slept till 1.30pm!
Bathe,ate,sat down.
Watched NARUTO!! Baik punya!!
haha.Then got bored.............
Lay on my bed for sometime.
Suddenly,i crack an idea.haha!
Go check my pay at the posb,
but. NOTHING! grr!
So ya,went to JP.
Sweetheart wanted to meet up.
So we did.heeeeeeeeeee!
Miss her.She miss me more actually.haha!
Finding her birthday present together.wooo
Off to sent her home.Reached Baby's home at 7 plus.
Then its my turn to go home.haa.
Lepak at 8.30pm.
Came home,eat Mac'd.
Play xbox w dad! hahahaa!
Thats all folks.
Beepp Beepp!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fast time,slow mind.

Woo.All about her.
I'm a lil' lazy to update.
But Nur Sarmira Filzah wants to read my blog.haha.
So, i insist on updating.heee.
4 March is coming,coming,coming..hahah
And i have no money,money,money...haha!
(And btw,bby! I'm not stress! haha)
She's asleep now.aww.
Isnt it cute.haha!
Checking out of blog! ahha.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

One day to hell.

Hey guys.
Sorry for the people that view my blog.
But yea,fuck the blog.
Fcuk everythng.
I'll get lost.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Jump,jump up and down!

That was what i did just now.
I jumped out of bed.
I jumped down the staircase meeting my friends.
I jumped from TB to cosy w my baby!
I jumped back to TB w my baby!
I jumped to boonlaysec sending my baby!
I jumped to SAFRA at night.
I jumped back to boonlaysec at night to fetch MY BABY!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


A Very Happy 7th Monthsary To SARMIRAHMAN!
We had a great day today.
We did went bowling at marina square.
We did played at the arcade in marina square.
I just wanted to make 16/02 a joyful day for her.
Or i meant,the most joyous day for my baby!
Maybe i did?or not?hehe!
love her!
We went clarke quay/boat quay/raffles.haha
She succeeded on arriving home early.haha.
Job well done hunny! haha!
Thats all folks!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Digging the facts.

I did it!
Met my girlfee.
Hugged her.
Held on her.
Kissed her.
Sent her.
Most of all.....
I love her! hehe!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Sorry about the M.I.A. haha!
Blog is boring! hehe. chey fake.
Just wanna make some notes;
  1. Get a new haircut.
  2. Ready for 7mth! =)
  3. Dye my hair black bck.
  4. Buy somethng bfre 4 march.
  5. Getting back to the way i used to behave.

Thats all i guess.=D

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Got to Work.
Meet rascals.
Met my Baby!

Dull Dully Dullen.

Doing Whatever I like.
An Empty Day.
At Work.
She calls.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Wors-tastic Day!

The most late day i've ever had is today!
Because,i woke up at 2pm in the
I bathe,ate and got dressed for SAFRA.ahha
That is when me,riduan,hilmi,mus played left 4 dead V.2!
It was my first time,but fuuhh! FANTASTIC! haha
Then,today also was the worst day for My Girlfee. =(
She was very sick..very very sick..
I'm worried.I wanna be there with you!!! aduhai.
Get Well Soon Baby.=)
I'm so missing you.hehe.
Dont forget to eat your vegetables! haha.
Or better,your medicines! =D
Tkcre will ya?
Love You Nur Sarmira Filzah!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Late Night Delight!

Rascal's day out did happened!
Althought not all.=(
haha.forget it..
We had deliciously fun! I love rascal! haha.aww.cheyy.
We got all stress out abt movie at first,but we overcome it well.=)
We went marina catching TOOTH FAIRY at 7.15pm jst nw! haha
I laughed with mus like a zillion times.=D!!
Then..we were damn hungry..soo....
We pull out our money from our pockets,
to get ourselves some food at KFC.
We ate,till we're dead.haha
So on,we carry on to marina steps.(CAMWHORE)
Then walked to clarke quay.(CAMWHORE)
Finally,we created a video shoot at raffles MRT.haha
Funny sial. AHAHAHA!
The video is for specific viewers only.haha.
Then we bounce back home at 11.30pm!
Btw guys,guess what?? My girlfee called me! hehehe. miss her,love her.=D
k then,Seen the pictures??Read the story?? soo,goodbyee!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

That's all.

Dead and gone.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Living for centuries.

Life situation here,right now is just unimaginable.
I thght of life the easy way,but its not.
Letting people off from your life is easier than gettin' them in.
In fact,being lost is great.
Cause you wld make an effort to find yourself a way out.
Why do we fall people??
So that we can learn how to pick ourselves up.=>
Smile,be happy.
Who knows, if there is no tmrw.=D
I love you girlfee.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


For the first time,i woke up at 12pm for this week! haha.improvement.
Chey! because of the outing plan thats why i woke up..hahaa
So yea,we met at tb at 2.30pm. (We;rahman,luqman,vitrun,achit)
Then met syed at
Off to marina!! That's my favourite part! haha. my turn to shop! huahuahua
Got into Flash&splash! came out,empty handed! ahah.
But head off to FOURSKIN!! haha. came out w a plastic bag!woo!!
Syed bought a Tee too! haha. Luqman got himself REEF slippers..jyeah its cool.hahaa
But then syed thought of buying smthng at Flash&Splash ... After 30mins of searching,he changed his mind. haha.grrr!!
Then went back jurongwest!
Anyway,i took some stupid pics that kind of blew my mind off.haha.

Luqman Ca is SuperCa! haha!

I got bored,so took it!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Spinning Moments.

The world,or i meant this world is always twirling and twirling.
I have no god damn idea whats gonna happen next.
Now,confusion and depression is what i'm feeling.
gosh.I'll better be leaving.

So yesterday,

i kind of JUST WOKE UP! =D
Had a mechanical problem yesterday that affected my blogging system.haha!
So ya,yestreday is just so eyes were open at 2pm! wow.ahha
Then SARMIRA called me,she wanna meet ya GO MET HER! haha.
Had to accompany her eat at KFC cause LJS was full.....woooo
Jyeah,sent her off at the interchange then off to WORKKKKKKKK.
MANAGER boliao! ahahha! maut!
At 10pm,head off to TB for a chilling session.haha
Got home at 11.45pm ,and btw MANCHESTER UNITED WON!!!! haha