Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I'm dead once again.

Monday, March 29, 2010

What i think.

When you're sad, kindly put up a smile.
When you're happy, try to widen the smile.
When you're excited, try not to stop smiling.
But when you're deeply down, don't ever forget to smile.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Unexpected call maybe.
Unexpected changes.
Not blaming anyone.
Nor myself.
Or you.
Or him.
Or her.
Or them.
Or whoever.
This is a straw in a coke.
Exactly like a straw in a coke.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Do you think that is fast?
Riding it in a nick of time.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I dont ask for this.

I guess in a sudden my mind is full of question.
May i know..?
If you've totally forgotten me?
If you've aleady move on?
If you've given him a chance?
If you've the thinking of being with him?
If you still keep our pic in your wallet?
If you still brings the ring everywhere?
If you still miss me?
If you still love me?
If you still need me?
If you don't miss me?
If you don't love me?
If you don't need me?
Gosh. I shouldnt have post this. Or even think about this.
I'm sorry to you. And also my friends that i cant stop thinking about this.


About me:
To tell you it is been a great 7 mth for sarmirahman.
Although there are hurtings,fights and so on.
We made it strong as we know the happiness is way more important.
Just so you know, while i'm with you, you're the one who always kept my mind occupied.
Without fail. =)
And now, it is hard to keep me occupy with things as i am so used having you in my mind.
I try to. Ya, if i still do keep you in my head all along.
I'll be going crazy you know. =D
Now, i really need to be occupy with something each seconds of my day.
I saw you just now. Smiling,cute! haha.
The main thing is that, you're happy, i am too.
Even if it hurts, but i'm happy. huh?haha.
I'm sorry to say this but, i love you.
This is why, i will let you love him.
When i miss you, i would let him miss you more.
But when i need you, i wldnt let him need you more! bluek! haha. joking.
You know me.
And you'll knw what i'm gonna do.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crappy Stupid 16 yr old Guy.

My eyes are different.
They open up too early.
But my body is still closed for business.
For an hour,i laughed so crazily.
But another hour,i'm like a newborn baby.
Wonder why.
But i'm okay :)
So next,i mean after that.
EH! Wait a minute.
I forgot what comes next! god!
I'm so like a crab but spell it with a' p' at the back.
Wave up.

Victims of that sweet word.

In the beginning, I tried to warn you
You play with fire, Its gonna burn you
And here we are now,in the same situation, You never listen, I never listen!
Now I am thinking of a way that I can make an escape
It's gort me caught up in a web and my hearts the prey.
Do you really wanna throw yourheart away, away, away???
Everybody's hurt somebody before
Everybodys been hurt by somebody before
You can change but you will always come back for more
Its a game and we are all just victims of love.
Don't try to fight it, victims of love. You can't decide it, victims of love, victims of love.
Now you've back trackked You're running away,
cause it just happened again and you dont want it to end
Trying your best to not let yourself go cold, so cold.
Now you think about the things you thought you wanted to say
But when you open up your mouth it don't come out that way
Are you really gonna throw your heart away?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A superstar.

Its been 2 weeks and 5 days after that incident.
You move on so fast.
Maybe you remember,maybe you dont want to think about it,maybe you dont.
Whatever it is,youre gone.
Me too.
Thght you need me,even for a friend.
Bt it seems tht youre not.
Pretending is wrong is it?
But i did this for you.
To let you be happy thats my aim.
You dont know that. No matter how much it hurts.
I dont even bother.
You told me you want me,need me as friends.
I agree. But at least show that you really does.
At times,i look at you. Youre showing me you doesnt.
I thank god you found someone. I really do.
You need it,i undrstand.
I will go mira,i will.
When you came to me in my face saying "be gone."
I will. And you know why? because its for you.
I'm not Rahman Juvenile,not anymore mira. I'm not.
But youre always mira,that i knew.
Be happy,carry on.
"It simply starts from a crush."
Life is a cycle,i seen this sentence before.
Every r/s has hurts & pains.
At times,the happiness that counts.
Now,i'm gonna miss Nur Sarmira Filzah.
Thank You For Everything.
You're a good girlfee,friend,mother.
"You're a rare piece."
Just a mistake that caused changes.
I regret.
But i dont regret giving all my love for the 7 mths.
You're gone.
See you.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Republic Poly Waiting Session.

6.30am is the time my feet touched my slippers.
So early!Urgh!
MAMA,I'm sleepy!! =(
Nak tidur alek ley??hee.
So,some were late. But we still head off to RP arnd 8am.
Vitrun needs to programme his lappy.
So ya,we reached there. Sent his lappy.
Need to wait for 4 hours.=(
Rahman SLEEPY.....=(((((
Then eat nasi campur.sdap!
But my stomach hurts.=(
Went to Marina at 2pm.
Hilmi shopped.We walked.
So ya.mira! mann tired!
But youre more tired! haha.
So seeya whn i seeya guys. :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Telegraph St.

At 4pm.
Got an outing to Lau Pa Sat.
I was "dead".
But i deny that fact just to be with them,
before eveything ends maybe.
We ate alot there.
Catched some scenery.
Pictures were taken.
It will be shown later.
So,i'll catch a plane
and i'll catch you guys later.=)
(I'm not Rahman,He is)


Sorry to put this up.
I guess,while searching thru pictures.
And, i found this.
That was taken at TB.
On 12/02/10.
At 17.28 hours.
"Lawa kan due2 orang kt dlm gbr tu??"
So ya,

Friday, March 19, 2010



Thursday, March 18, 2010


Late today!
Late for what??
For the performance lah! ahah.
so sorry Nur Sarmira Filzah Bte Kamal.=D
Hope she forgave me?=)
So yea,bored.
Fever.i guess.

A new page.

Just a new chapter begins.
Keep turning those pages.
See more of it.
If youre curious.
Ahah! Gotcha!
Later news,
See See only,
Nothing to touch.
----The End----

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pit stop.

Seeing is something.
Believing is another thing.
It made me stop and stare.
Sometimes, i dont even dare.
I realised what i always say.
Changing is what i do to pay.
Mybe there is nothing more.
Or cld there be anymore?
Who i am.
What i am.
Where i am.
You're always there.
But now,it made me think..
You're gone somewhere.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mentally Condemned.

Tght it was just a number?
It isnt.
It wont be.
I'm sorry.
Never wanted all this.
I'm sorry.
Time is what i'm gving you.
When you found yourslf,
i'll be ready to see it.
Even if it hurts,or it doesnt.
I'm sorry.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Just a day.
Suppose it isnt.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


There are many types of bonds.
Life partner.
All of it doenst exist till eternity.
But you need all of them to live your life.
Everywhere you go,
You'll see everyone smiling when their with
saw any of the above.
They wont be smiling on their own dont they? =)
These just came by in my thoughts.
More of it to come.
So be it,jst holding on.
Hoping isnt easy.
Believing is harder.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sound system.

Havent done a goodnight sleep yet.
Woke up at 10am,forcely.
For my cousin's wedding.
Stay there till 8.30pm.
Talk with some cousins regarding our future.
Some future,some flashback.
(Cant resist.)
Whatever it is,
pull up.
Pretend is a lie.
A pretender is a liar.
I dont want to be that.
She told me to rest well,
i wont lie.
Tkre you.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Those 3 words.

I need you.
I miss you.
I love you.
Come back please.

Just now,Just then.

Just now it is smooth like her skin.
Just then it became rough like cement.
So much of this question came up.
Leaving me so much question mark.
I hurt you.My fault.
I started it first.
Its because of me we both hurt.
Im the selfish one my dear.
Not you. You're innocent.
A chance cant be fulfil.
Bt my promises still remains.
You too.
I cant do this alone.
Need you.
And nothing else.
You too knw that.
But its me who leave you with no other choice.
Cant i be more cruel?
God help her.
God help us.
Im sorry.
Forgive me.
Stay there.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wave my hands up.

State of mine;
Till then.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Her great escape.

At first, the sun rises and shines on us brightly.
But now, the sun always set where we stand on.
Questionnaires being introduce.
Could i?
Should i?
Will i?
Sometimes...when we're in big trouble,
in despair,
feeling stress,
then we wld start to think of Them.
Letting go of anything is so easy.
But try you guys get it back,
never gonna get it.
Pull your mouth wide,
turn your mood up,
love your lover lots.
Then,everythng will go as according.
(Now i need you,i need you,i need you.)

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Feeling afraid?
I am.
Feeling something?
I do.
Fcuk,a brand.
And a hell of a word after rearrange.
Dont worry.
A thing.
Lie to a liar.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The cycle of her life.

Three words;
Blog is boring.
Actually it is dull at this when you got nothing to say.
And,i'm in tht situation now.haha.
So just wanna say that,
I met My Girlfee just now.
Sent her home.
Hang out at her cribs for awhile.
I gave her my present for her BIRTHDAY!
At night,gone to North for soccer.=D
End at 10pm.
And now at home,watching the clock ticks.
Showing a few hours of 4 march left.
So sad for my dear.hehe
Nvm. Shes 15yrs old alrdy ppl! haha! =P

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Justin Timberlake's Sponsor.

Maybe youre wondering why i put that as my title.
Cause theres a song called "what goes around,comes around".
Which is sang my him rght?haha.
And yea,i'm saying that now is my turn.
I accept that. But i'm just sad that "why i did it in the first place?"
And i knw i forgive her thou.
A mistake by me,cause a revenge by her.
I still love you as so you knw.
Forget it.
Freaking show of the day.

The future has been discused.

Hey! I got my new haircut!
My baby was mad!
She hasnt seen my hair.hehe!
Sorry bby! You'll see soon.
You knw what,
Today i went out.
To jp! haahaa
With Hilmi!
Then,im off alone to Aljunied.
To me my friend. You dont knw who! haha.
He had something fr me.
A future i guess.haha!
We talked abt somethings.
(Pape gua picit lu brother!)
Need to think of stuffs.gee
Alot of it!
nvm! haha.
Missing my dear!
Loving her at the same time! hee
All of this will end soon.haha.
See ya When,
I See Ya!