Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fatality. Charity.

I got a never ending hurting,
Whereby my left leg keeps on burning.
And i know it isn't much,
Compare to Luqman's injury as such.
I'm not here complaining,
Or i'm here whinning,
I'm just here for my usual blogging. (:
Maybe i got something up my mind,
Which i guess i can't remind.
It could be about a girl,
Making things to twirl.
It could be about friends,
That will always be around me like the fences.
It could be about family,
That i hope i could live with them happily.
Or maybe about everything that exist in this universe,
That keep making me singing that song's verse.
Haiyo, I'm feeling very low. haha!
It isn't always happy to be riding solo,
Even when you're already a pro. (:
I got this little task,
Could i have the permission to ask?
To ask,
For your trust.
To care,
With the heart to bare.
To share,
And always be fair.
To love,
Having only my name on the list above.
I ain't sad, or am i mad.
I was just wondering what will i get?
If i just stand in the rain and kept getting wet.
So i should make a step,
Even how deep its depth.
You wait there! If you dare.
And if we have the CARE,
We'll be a perfect PAIR. hahahahahahaha!
Milk is from cow,
I need to go now. =D
Bye bye, go fly.