Monday, May 3, 2010

Three kind of stories.

People usually feels down when they lost something.
And they will just too stressed-up till they can't think.
But have you ever wonder the people who never owned anything?
How would they feel if they were given gifts others bring?
Those people would appreciate those gifts more,
More than us that has wealth as our core.
We can't get things with a snap,
Like people say "It needs two hands to clap." (:
We help out, we'll make two ways to the top.
We became a family when we're 14,
Just so you know we're all still teen. (:
Us is another word other than we,
We're still here as unite as we can be.
On the field, we got the balls curl in.
On the screen, they show Rascal win. (:
I start it out with a smile,
Now i'll make sure we're less a mile.
I say you're weird kind,
But you say i was wrong for being blind. HAHA.
Silence occurred usually,
I wonder what you're up to actually. (:
Don't think that rhyme phrases are a trend,
Cause i'm talking about my friend. ^^
A mother suppose to stay together,
With her son happily ever after.
But this fairytale lies a twist,
We're somehow stuck together in a mist.
You lost a person, while i'm preventing things from worsen.
I'm here like a child, colouring a mother's life of dull.
My name is Abdul Rahman with no "Binte",
She's my mother name Susyyanty. (:
I got a crib in jurong west,
My life is usually overwhelmed with test.
I go through it without hesitation,
And knowing theres always unnecessary temptation.
You guys know me,
Or i could say a maybe. HAHA.
My nick in facebook is Rahman Jeopardy,
If necessary,anyone could be my buddy. =D
Unnecessary blog post, Makes my eyes halfway to doze.
Get some sleep guys, if cant, keep adding up to the trys. HAHA