Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Its 11th May today,
Exactly 3 months after moving our separate ways.
But it don't matter anymore,
Cause there won't be an encore. (:
Now,its about my life,school and you!
Wait and see till it come true. chey! haha.
Where have you been?
I hope you're not that keen,
Keen in leaving me ever since.
But i know you weren't so mean,
Till you could forgive my biggest sin. (:
Actually i don't have sins towards you girl,
But i have done sins towards the world.
Having me being so cruel,
Making things more brutal.
I don't wish to do it again,
Cause you don't deserve to feel the pain.
The pain that won't heal after a heavy rain.
Maybe i have that thoughts&feelings,
But now i'm hiding,
Until the time you comeby seeking. ^^
HeyHeyHey Lady,
Would you like to have your own Rahman Jeopardy? HAHA!
See, I'm being crazy.
Late night talking, While i'm blogging.
I could have rest during dawn,
So here i am having my first yawn.
I'll better go this instant,
Cause i need to run an errand.
Errand to my bed, That's where i'll drop my head. (: