Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm okay and don't you worry.

You know everyone know about you,
And now i dont pretend that it isn't true.
All of it has proven, But now my mind has already open.
Open to accept any truth, Truth that will change my move. (:
I don't care what's happen next,
I'll rather have fun to the max!
I thought you said you didn't,
But i guess you meant that you wouldn't.
You cameby on sixteenzerosevenzeronine,
Only at that moment you're mine. (:
There isn't any grudges kept by me,
Cause in this world everyone is free.
Free to do what they want,
Other than bringing back the sun. haha!
You know i love you,
I know you love me,
We know that we're loved by everybody! hahaha!
Hating is worst than killing.
Healing is harder than running.
Feeling it is important than doing it.
Hiding is difficult than showing.
Losing is easier than winning.
Crawling is simplier than jumping.
And ya, loving is so much happier than leaving. C:
I'll pray for you both to last,
I'm sincere and i hope you trust. (:
Be happy like anyone else you see,
Cause im here climbing trees. haha!
Seeya on 7 May,
If tomorrow comes that day.