Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Turn out to be me.

I've changed in the way i look,
I was shy & I took cover with a book. (:
They thought i'm crazy,
But that was just for safety! HAHA.
Some were giving compliments,
While others are making criticising statements. ):
I feel sad a little bit,
But i dont give a shit. (:
I'm Rahman having a heart that still beats,
If you don't like it i'll step you with my feet. Haha.
This post is gonna be short and simple,
Cause i got to meet some people. ^^
Anyway, i lost my sickness called "cough",
While i'm here going to North. (:
Beep me by the cellphone,
But not when you're gonna ask for some icecream cones. haha.
Takecare of your health, Don't prioritise your wealth. (: