Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stay low,

Simply today is an unknown.
I feel so different.
I slept 10 hours?
Too much.
I'm awake for more than 24 hours yesterday.
What nonsence am i doing? hah.
Oh well, i've done one assignment correctly.
For the first time? wow mann.
Proud of myself.
It made me run around the whole class. hah!
I didn't studied for all the tests.
Rather going around asking help during the test. omg mann.
I'm stupid, i'm slow if you could say. :D
Rather i won't stop acting i'm clever till i will be one.
Imperfection is human's definition of perfection. Hah!
Its been 4 mths. I'm sick.
When will it go?
Counting. Trembling.