Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A race with nothing to waste.

6 July? wow. Ain't that fast?
Mybe this post ain't gonna have that stinky rhyming thing.
Gosh. my brain condemned. so ya.
You guys are glad right?! ahha. jk.
So what day is tmrw???? woooo!
haha. not gonna talk about it.
I remembered last year, i got a starbucks treat from syapik.
And yea, ayam penyet ria treat from nur sarmira filzah. haha.
Happy thou with the soda GEMBIRA. haha.
Memories.. Just that. Sweet thou.
Nah. shouldnt talk about it either.
*Guess what. Gonnabe birthday boy wanna say..errr. HAPPY ADVANCE 17TH BIRTHDAY TO ME!*
Huh?? hahaha.
Im happy myself. thts enough. :D
A wish to have you for my birthday wasn't a success yea? haha.
Nvm. booya..
Shld forget abt it? guess so.
Its different this year. Feel so.
A lil bit .. urrr. Empty.
Nothing to be happy about 7 July.
whatever. tkcre.