Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My day to say.

It really is 7 July!
And i already feel so high!
With the presents people buy!
There's no need for me to ask why!
haha. nonsence sia mann!
K done rhyming.
I'm sleepy you know.
Sriously, in school imma like a zombie walking.
hahaha! dope isnt it? huh? HAHA!
*To YOU, its ok for not hearing that wish of yours but i see the wish via sms?*
Birthday boy wanna say something, i miss YOU.
Can? say can! huh?haaahaaa!
whatever. nothing to be said anymore.haa
Thght its like 2009. Jst thght so.
No pictures because no celebration. ):
I dont care anyway.
Its the thoughts that counts. haha.

hmm. you already knew.