Sunday, July 25, 2010

Its been sometime...

Too great to even be said.
Its been so long, It feels so wrong.
If i would say my days have been busy,
You would even say that isn't the real me.
I got alot to do seriously,
Just to make myself feel happy. :D
I can't be sitting down,
Feeling so down.
I can't be checking facebook too,
Or i'll want to find out how do you do.
Its so true,
Its all about you. hah!
Just that there's a need to deny,
And there's no need to ask me why.
Alot about soccer,
Just like one motha-fcuker.
Others come around,
Just to help me not to frown.
School is full of assignments,
I just need to have some commitments.
All of it will eventually comeback to you,
But i'll be trying not to. huhu
Heads up, buck up.
Fly high, no sigh.
This is me, Rahman Jeopardy.
That will be her, Someone to clear all my fears. (:
I won't take it as a sad memory,
But as an encouragement therapy. :>
You'll think i'm crazy,
Or maybe i'm being crappy.
But this is reality,
Ain't talking in virtuality.
Hang on there, if you dare.
Get lost.bye