Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nothing more left.

What i can say.
I got a busy day.
I'll tell you a tale;
In school, maybe i could say.
For the first time, i didn't come to sit by the bay.
I did all i got to do, All the assignments were so true.
I ended up feeling so gay, Till i celebrate it my own way. :D
I didn't touch the computer for facebook.
Rather i'm focusing and doing my work,
You'll know if you saw my stress look.
I go around not disturbing others,
But asking about important matters.
Sometimes life needs a change,
No matter how hard things are at the beginning.
Being positive have no limited range,
Even if all these while you got all the hurting.
Come on. Let's go. Don't stay.
Let's go pray! haha.
If its you, tell me.
I got no option left to think about. thankyou.
Have a nice day.