Friday, July 30, 2010

Shifting soul.

Why am i been missing nowadays?
Could i be busy always?
Maybe not that always,
But maybe just these past few days.
There's so much for me to erase,
As there's even more problems i got to face.
Well whatever happens,
There will be friends in presence.
Alot to do,
More than you.
Things started to change,
I don't know if this can maintain.
But i like it somehow,
If this stays i'll be honour to take a bow.
Sometimes being left is a lesson to become stronger,
It is hard to climb back up the ladder,
If you made it fast you're a winner. :D
Now i am tired, I feel so head-wired.
Later i'll be an engineer for a day,
But there won't be any pay. haha!
Photos from shira's belated bday party will be uploaded.
So yea, thats all.
I wanna crash landing.