Saturday, June 12, 2010

Why i have to think.

I look around, Happiness is what i found.
I'm glad, Seeing how much happiness they had.
Thinking that i will too,
It only matters if i want it to.
Right now i'm just plain empty inside,
Alot of things that i really need to hide,
Only me can create my own guide.
You already found your guide,
It only left with me being alone in the wide.
I don't know why my god damn mind is flashing things back,
All the things were suppose to be left on the racks.
But right now it came out without a red carpet,
Because i once take things for granted.
Remembering the mistake,
Causing me to have some apologise to make.
I jst knew, "There is no mistake that we can't reconcile."
But at that moment im jst out of my mind,
Always saying sorry thinking that its all fine.
You knew how i felt didnt you..
But i feel more regret thinking back on the things i do..
God taught me some lesson,
As i'm such a selfish person.
Now i got this sickness,
Making my eye sight to darkness,
Driving my head to madness.
I just don't feel i'm alive,
Feeling like going to the top and make a dive.
I'm always saying later,
Thinking that it don't matter.
While i need those medicine,
To prevent myself from making an absent.
Being that stubborn,
Now illness has become worsen.
Usually this isn't that hard,
Cause you're there to be my guard.
Oh god.
Why am i talking such crap...
Im just being a frag.
I'll just need a rest, i guess.
I hope..