Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Four-Thirty hours.

A morning of thinking,
Cause me not to be sleeping,
With my eyes rarely blinking.
It is just some weird situation,
And my mind is all in tension.
Alot of stuffs going through inside,
Although the space isn't that wide.
Just a few sentences that got me all caught up,
And made me think what's up.
"Too much of a good thing is bad"
"You need to balance everything in life"
"You can't always be following your heart and neglect using your mind"
Maybe more of such sentences were said,
Maybe meeting that friend of mine was fate.
But solving everything inside will need to wait,
And nobody will know which particular date.
It is just so strange last night,
Like one hell of a ride.
I wish i know what to do.
Cause i already got the clue.