Saturday, June 19, 2010

Trembling surface.

The place like its being hit by a hurricane.
Causing so much pain.
The situation is so hard for me to maintain.
I got everything wrong.
Messing up all the songs.
It took me so long.
Getting on top.
And now it feels so easy to drop.
Just a lil' hop.
You never knew.
What others gne through.
More than you.
In life is about confidence.
Follow by perseverance.
But what is important is patience.
From the outside i'm brave.
In the inside im jst afraid as a slave.
Nobody cares a god damn thing.
Even if im already flying high with wings.
Maybe i should go.
Maybe so.
Or is it a no?
Finding a paradise.
Isn't about rolling those dices.
You need to feel it.
Then you owned it,
Others will love it.
Now i got to beat it.
I'm done, I'm gone.
Now its none.
Gdbye tghil.
There comes krad.