Friday, June 18, 2010

Tragic Insomnia.

First time a woke up at this hour,
With so much power.
Usually i am still sleeping,
Ignoring about the timing.
I just couldn't get a good rest,
Cause my mind is putting my eyes to a test.
I don't know what i'm thinking about,
Waking up early isn't a good thing to be proud.
It is just that,
Things are always bad.
Turning to my right, The scenery was so bright.
While on left, Seeing nothing was left.
Two different world living upon us,
Many different people that is hard fr us to trust.
At times i think about you,
And my mind go "guuuuuu" haha. lame.
But it is true,
That i miss you,
And nobody knows who! =P
I've been thinking alot lately, SERIOUSLY.
I need a time portal,
To just get out of this sickening bottle.
Anwy, studies really do come into our mind,
Even when things aren't going fine.
Typically we're lazy,
But we pretend we want to study badly.
Hmmmm. Blank indeed.
Be happy, im over typing. bye