Friday, June 25, 2010

What you people should know.

Its not about telling everyone what you're thinking,
But just about expressing your own feelings.
Even if you tell the people for whom you're breathing,
They won't believe just that saying,
Rather tell them by showing.
If you like someone,
It doesn't mean he/she is the one.
If you gonna tell he/she what youre feeling,
Don't do it exactly on blogging,
Cause theres no meaning.
You think going first is the best way,
Without any words of pray.
I tell you efforts won't pay.
And you won't have your day.
Giving up isn't an option,
And also using illegal potion.
I'll rather sit down and lay back,
Then going fast and get whack!
Chill people with problems,
Always fill up your boredom.
When youre occupied you won't be wondering much,
When youre empty you will always be thinking as such.
There's always a way,
Slowly think while you're hitting the hay.
Rest well. You'll be able to think well.
Sleep you shits! Don't be an owl like me. :D