Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last Resort.

People now tends to rush everything,
Without knowing a single thing.
Thinking that it is the right way,
Infact is turns your vision to grey.
Sometimes you wonder,
Where's your laughter?
Sometimes you don't understand,
Where's the other hand?
Things don't go accordingly,
While people wanted it to be done so perfectly.
The past at times have a comeback,
You just need to say what the heck!
Rather than showing what youre lack.
You knw what i think guys?
At first i wish fr that thing to be done,
Rather it happens when all the other things are gone.
How if i have some wishes to be made?
A wish to stop remembering,
A wish to start healing,
A wish to be prepare at anything.
I'll pack up and go,
Going solo,
Without any friends or foe.
You stay there, with your pair.
I'll be here, with my peers.
I'm learning. Stop running.
What if im not in anyone's life someday?
What wld you guys say?
frget it. bye