Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why is there a why?

An upside down tragedy.
I really am some jeopardy.
I felt so, I felt low.
Everything seems diff today,
Even if i kept on saying "no way!"
It just dont seem right,
Where is my bright light?
No one bother,
Even my father,
Also my mother.
How strange?
Are we going in distant by range?
Why be good to everyone?
At times they forget your good deeds in less than a month?
Its not about asking any repay,
But hey,
Have a heart as i can say.
Appreciate if you may. (:
If everyone wants to go,
I can't really say no.
Thats them,
Thats their own attempt. (:
Maybe i'll lose alot,
But sacrificing is what i thought.
I'm sick. sick. sick.
I'm weak. weak. weak.
But i can't sleep. sleep. sleep.
Why bother?
Happy 17 october 2010.