Sunday, October 31, 2010

The whole main point.

I've been blog-dead for quite sometime,
And my blog's posts are missing from all those rhymes.
Well i won't be talking about the past daze,
Just that i'll talk about only yesterday. :D
Its halloween night,
But every where we go its still bright,
And it seems not right.
But at zentoza,
It feels like an extravaganza!
28 dollars for the event,
On the 30th off we went.
Spooky it isn't,
But boring it musn't.
Love it!
With ghost roaming around,
Like as if its their own town. :D
4 trails,
10 males. :)
We enjoyed, That's the whole main point.
Life seems pale.
Don't bother.
Cause i don't.