Sunday, October 17, 2010

It lands.

Twist and turn,
Making me feel the burn.
An airplane,
Has come landing on its lane.
Waiting for some people,
People that gave up and say there aren't capable.
Or maybe people that insist on running away,
Cause they just don't wish to stay.
So i'm here wishing them to go,
I hope they'll fill up all the empty rows.
Day by day,
Say what you need to say.
Don't keep it tight,
Just fight for your rights. :D
Changes occur continuously,
You just need to be steady & ready. (:
I feel the change now,
And i kept sayin "how?!"
But nah, fcuk off.
I don't wish to be all soft.
And be the one being push all around,
Now such changes won't push me down.
Cause i had enough,
Been thru such obstacles so tough.
Im weak once,
And thats what everybody wants.
I cant always be like that,
Or else i'll be step till i'm flat.
Mean it people,
Lets talk, not mumble.