Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Guy of miliions shit holes.

I'm ridin' it now,
I'm clearing all the "how".
I already am tired of it,
Sickening piece of shit.
I always advise so much to people,
But advising myself is what i'm not capable.
I'm a tiny boy actually,
but that's your god damn fantasy!
In reality i'm someone,
Someone that you can't easily taunt.
Fcuk you.
If you think you're a winner,
Then by all means be some life saver.
Shit hole.
Get something you don't have,
Which maybe you can't have till death?
I'm tired saying it all over again,
You just fcuk away and stop causing the pain.
Hell go.
Anyway, i'm good.
Just swinging my mood.
Stop here.
Bye peer!