Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some thoughts shared.

People are afraid to love again,
Just because they're scared of being hurt over and over again.
But isnt that just being a coward?
When we fall we should get up again.
A failed relationship is a lesson to us.
So we should let that happen again.
We should strive to rekindle our love life.
Not be afraid to love again.
In fact, Love is everywhere.
We cant fight love, but we can accept it.
Learn from it. then can we become a better person.
If you think back.
Anywhere you look there is love.
Your parents take care of you since you were small cause they love you.
A man trains hard in NS cause he loves his country and want to defend it.
A gardener takes care of his plants as he loves them.
He don't want anything to happend to them.
I can go on and on but i want you to know that we need love.
Its what that keeps ppl going. love is life in fact. - Achit.