Friday, August 6, 2010

Ain't me.

Kinda lazy all this while,
And sometimes i feel so senile.
Maybe i think too much,
While things just stay as such.
Ain't i that kinda of a fool?
Lucky i'm not as stupid as a bull.
Going for the reds,
Which they know doing that is what they hate.
Sleeping 3-4 hours per day,
Won't even make each day a good day.
For me i guess, But i'll do whats best.
At times i know i'm somebody,
And at that point i'll be all happy.
Whereas after all that,
I'll be all sad.
Don't know what i had,
Thats what i will get,
There's no need to bet.
I wanna stop this,
I want tensions to have a low gradient at least.
Oh god.
I need a tour guide in my mind,
To stop all the unnecessary whine.
Freaking shit.
Alot of things really doesn't show who i really am nowadays,
Making my mind frays.
Gotta lay.
Lets start a new day.
Hung up.