Sunday, August 15, 2010


I'm done doing nothing,
Now I'm trying to make up something.
Something that used to be a mystery,
Or maybe it is also used to be a history.
Turning down the history to the present,
To figure out what is left in existence.
I need some real answer,
If not I'll be a forever pathfinder.
Choosing the right path,
Would really give me a big laugh.
Choosing the wrong one,
Would destroy my fun.
Big things don't fear me,
No matter how big they can be.
But the ones i can't see,
Are the ones fear me. Alot.
Whisper the words I've been waiting to hear,
And help me disperse all my unwanted fears.
You come here,
Stay there.
Give me the care,
Sit with me to stare.
And when you breathe in the air,
I'll be the air for you. :D
Thats how we do.
My eyelids can't be glue,
I can't sleep too.
Maybe i'll just have a nap for an hour or two.
Rest well creatures.