Sunday, August 8, 2010

5.30 am.

Last night, Things are weird.
The night is so bright,
That's what you've never heard.
Can't seem to be resting,
Wondering what i'm thinking.
Things so complicating,
When i'm all alone sitting.
So much of decision making,
And idk which is the right thing.
I thought it thru,
What a friend of mine said is true.
I can't just lay back and do nothing,
Or am i not suppose to be pretending.
I'm just sick,
Doing alot of thinking for the past few weeks.
Its been 4 months,
And i'm still not making any runs.
I have no idea,
All of it inside my brain had gone head-wired.
I'm hungry,
Maybe going to Mac'd.
Errr. what a thrill.