Monday, March 22, 2010

Republic Poly Waiting Session.

6.30am is the time my feet touched my slippers.
So early!Urgh!
MAMA,I'm sleepy!! =(
Nak tidur alek ley??hee.
So,some were late. But we still head off to RP arnd 8am.
Vitrun needs to programme his lappy.
So ya,we reached there. Sent his lappy.
Need to wait for 4 hours.=(
Rahman SLEEPY.....=(((((
Then eat nasi campur.sdap!
But my stomach hurts.=(
Went to Marina at 2pm.
Hilmi shopped.We walked.
So ya.mira! mann tired!
But youre more tired! haha.
So seeya whn i seeya guys. :)