Monday, March 1, 2010

The future has been discused.

Hey! I got my new haircut!
My baby was mad!
She hasnt seen my hair.hehe!
Sorry bby! You'll see soon.
You knw what,
Today i went out.
To jp! haahaa
With Hilmi!
Then,im off alone to Aljunied.
To me my friend. You dont knw who! haha.
He had something fr me.
A future i guess.haha!
We talked abt somethings.
(Pape gua picit lu brother!)
Need to think of stuffs.gee
Alot of it!
nvm! haha.
Missing my dear!
Loving her at the same time! hee
All of this will end soon.haha.
See ya When,
I See Ya!