Thursday, March 25, 2010


About me:
To tell you it is been a great 7 mth for sarmirahman.
Although there are hurtings,fights and so on.
We made it strong as we know the happiness is way more important.
Just so you know, while i'm with you, you're the one who always kept my mind occupied.
Without fail. =)
And now, it is hard to keep me occupy with things as i am so used having you in my mind.
I try to. Ya, if i still do keep you in my head all along.
I'll be going crazy you know. =D
Now, i really need to be occupy with something each seconds of my day.
I saw you just now. Smiling,cute! haha.
The main thing is that, you're happy, i am too.
Even if it hurts, but i'm happy. huh?haha.
I'm sorry to say this but, i love you.
This is why, i will let you love him.
When i miss you, i would let him miss you more.
But when i need you, i wldnt let him need you more! bluek! haha. joking.
You know me.
And you'll knw what i'm gonna do.