Monday, February 8, 2010

Wors-tastic Day!

The most late day i've ever had is today!
Because,i woke up at 2pm in the
I bathe,ate and got dressed for SAFRA.ahha
That is when me,riduan,hilmi,mus played left 4 dead V.2!
It was my first time,but fuuhh! FANTASTIC! haha
Then,today also was the worst day for My Girlfee. =(
She was very sick..very very sick..
I'm worried.I wanna be there with you!!! aduhai.
Get Well Soon Baby.=)
I'm so missing you.hehe.
Dont forget to eat your vegetables! haha.
Or better,your medicines! =D
Tkcre will ya?
Love You Nur Sarmira Filzah!