Tuesday, February 2, 2010


For the first time,i woke up at 12pm for this week! haha.improvement.
Chey! because of the outing plan thats why i woke up..hahaa
So yea,we met at tb at 2.30pm. (We;rahman,luqman,vitrun,achit)
Then met syed at bugis..........shop........shop.......shop....
Off to marina!! That's my favourite part! haha. my turn to shop! huahuahua
Got into Flash&splash! came out,empty handed! ahah.
But head off to FOURSKIN!! haha. came out w a plastic bag!woo!!
Syed bought a Tee too! haha. Luqman got himself REEF slippers..jyeah its cool.hahaa
But then syed thought of buying smthng at Flash&Splash ... After 30mins of searching,he changed his mind. haha.grrr!!
Then went back jurongwest!
Anyway,i took some stupid pics that kind of blew my mind off.haha.

Luqman Ca is SuperCa! haha!

I got bored,so took it!