Sunday, February 7, 2010

Late Night Delight!

Rascal's day out did happened!
Althought not all.=(
haha.forget it..
We had deliciously fun! I love rascal! haha.aww.cheyy.
We got all stress out abt movie at first,but we overcome it well.=)
We went marina catching TOOTH FAIRY at 7.15pm jst nw! haha
I laughed with mus like a zillion times.=D!!
Then..we were damn hungry..soo....
We pull out our money from our pockets,
to get ourselves some food at KFC.
We ate,till we're dead.haha
So on,we carry on to marina steps.(CAMWHORE)
Then walked to clarke quay.(CAMWHORE)
Finally,we created a video shoot at raffles MRT.haha
Funny sial. AHAHAHA!
The video is for specific viewers only.haha.
Then we bounce back home at 11.30pm!
Btw guys,guess what?? My girlfee called me! hehehe. miss her,love her.=D
k then,Seen the pictures??Read the story?? soo,goodbyee!!!