Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Craving Has Stop.

Countdown has started.
4 March is marching in.
Before tht,i wanted to share with you about what i did jst now.
Hmm,I slept till 1.30pm!
Bathe,ate,sat down.
Watched NARUTO!! Baik punya!!
haha.Then got bored.............
Lay on my bed for sometime.
Suddenly,i crack an idea.haha!
Go check my pay at the posb,
but. NOTHING! grr!
So ya,went to JP.
Sweetheart wanted to meet up.
So we did.heeeeeeeeeee!
Miss her.She miss me more actually.haha!
Finding her birthday present together.wooo
Off to sent her home.Reached Baby's home at 7 plus.
Then its my turn to go home.haa.
Lepak at 8.30pm.
Came home,eat Mac'd.
Play xbox w dad! hahahaa!
Thats all folks.
Beepp Beepp!!