Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fullstops after fullstops.

I thought it stops there.
Or maybe i thought it follows thru.
But i guess, it wouldn't come true.
I don't wish to say this.
But i miss her. Alot.
Why must it be now?
Why not when we're still together?
Won't it be a good thing if i miss her then.
And not now.
Cause,it feels so different.
You missed someone that you're unsure if they are missing you too.
If feels like a thousand wonders of words running thru your mind world.
But, i do love the way you're now.
You got friends around you.
You smile,when they are.
They love you. (but i love you more)
You said,miracles can happen.
True as it can be.
:) But for me,fate has happened. ):